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The Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd has decided to implement a Loyalty program known as “Fashion Bug Rewards®” to reward its loyal customers in a manner determined by it. Successful applicants will be issued a Fashion Bug Rewards® loyalty Card. The following terms & conditions govern the use of the Fashion Bug Rewards® card. Every person obtaining this Card does so after reading, understanding and accepting the terms and conditions set out herein and thus bound by all terms and conditions.

Any customer who is desirous of joining the Fashion Bug Rewards® loyalty programme is required to fill in an application available at Fashion Bug outlets and submit it together with a one time registration fee of Rs.50.00.

All successful applicants will be issued the Fashion Bug Rewards® Loyalty Card. Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd will retain and maintain all personal information provided by the customers confidentially unless and otherwise directed by a competent court of law.

The Card shall remain at all times the property of Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd – see a substantial comment at the bottom.

Cardholders may earn Fashion Bug Rewards® points by presenting the Card when purchasing goods or services at any Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd or Fashion Bug Asia (Pvt) Ltd outlets in Sri Lanka. The basis of allocation of points and the value of such points shall be determined by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd. in its discretion from time to time.

Fashion Bug Rewards Card shall be activated for point redemption purposes after 5 working days from the date the card is issued on.

Fashion Bug Rewards® points are awarded only upon the presentation of the Card at the time of purchase unless otherwise determined in future.

Fashion Bug Rewards® points are awarded for goods and services actually purchased at afore said Fashion Bug outlets and shall not be awarded to goods and services canceled or returned or exchanged.

Fashion Bug Rewards® points are not awarded retrospectively.

Cardholders can redeem Fashion Bug Rewards points only upon accumulating points in excess of 50 and maintaining a minimum balance of 50 points.

Cardholders can redeem Fashion Bug Rewards® points at any Fashion Bug outlets, within the time periods stipulated by Fashion Bug Rewards®* from time to time. Any Fashion Bug Rewards® points not so redeemed by the stipulated time shall be deemed to have expired and shall be canceled.

Fashion Bug Rewards® points are not transferable and shall not be pooled with any other member’s points.

Fashion Bug Rewards® points are not convertible to cash.

The Cardholders’ privileges and rights to enjoy the offers that are governed by the terms and conditions contained here and such other terms and conditions stipulated by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd from time to time. Failure to comply with such terms and conditions shall result in the refusal of such offers by the participating establishments, and/or the cancellation of the card by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd.

The Card is a privilege card and maybe combined with a credit or charge card at any time at the discretion of Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd. In the event of such combination, the Card shall be subjected to such terms & conditions as maybe applicable to that credit or charge card in addition to these terms & conditions.

The Card shall only be used in respect of offers by the participating establishments and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd shall not be under any obligation to replace any card that has been misplaced, lost, damaged or stolen. Members should notify the Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd of any loss or damage to the Card forthwith. Lost/Damaged cards maybe replaced at a cost to be determined by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd.

The list of participating establishments and the offers available to a Cardholder may be revised from time to time by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd as it deems fit.

By accepting the Card, the Cardholder expressly acknowledges and agrees that: Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd shall not be liable for any loss, (whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential) or damages suffered by reason of the Card holder’s use or inability to use the Card or any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any information concerning Cardholder or for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information disclosed.

In the event that the scope of the Fashion Bug Rewards®* Cards are expanded to include additional services for which additional subscription fees or charges are to be payable, the Cardholder shall pay any such fees and charges that maybe applicable prior to the consumption of such services and shall be responsible, and Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd shall not be liable for all charges of whatsoever nature in connection with or pursuant to the use of such services.

The Cardholder shall notify Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd in writing of any change of personal particulars at the earliest possible opportunity.

This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Sri Lanka.

Fashion Bug Rewards® Programme and Cards are promoted and governed by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd. Fashion Bug Asia (Pvt) Ltd. is a partner of the Fashion Bug Rewards® programme and is authorized to issue and honour the Fashion Bug Rewards® points.

Fashion Bug Rewards® cards are issued only to offer some privileges and rewards to loyal customers and its terms and conditions would be as stipulated by Fashion Bug (Pvt) Ltd. at any given time. The said rewards card or the loyalty programme can be withdrawn or discontinued as determined by Fashion Bug (Pvt) ltd without any liability to the issuing company.

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